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Here IPv4market.eu publishes the highlights in the field of Internet governance and IPv4 market.

  • IPv4 market supports Ukraine
    Starting from today, Voldeta decided to send 10% of it’s future revenue from IPv4 transfer transactions to Lithuanian Red Cross foundation (Lietuvos Raudonasis kryžius) to support Ukranian refugees and people affected by war in Ukraine. This means that, while selling or buying IPv4 addresses with us, … Read more
  • Leasing vs Selling IPv4 addresses.
    To sell, or to lease out your IPv4 assets? The most common discussion on IPv4 market today is about the best time to sell IPv4 subnets. During 2021 year, from January till October, prices for 1 IPv4 address increased from 18 EUR address up to maximal … Read more
  • ARIN Membership structure updates
    In the beginning of the year the following changes in the ARIN membership structure came into force: Starting from January, 2022, a new membership category called “Service members” is available. The main difference between Service and General members is based on voting during ARIN elections: if … Read more
  • RIPE NCC General Meeting November 2021 – the highlights
    Since we provide IPv4 transfer brokerage services, we are focused on potential upcoming changes in RIRs charging schemes and IPv4 transfer policies. These changes could seriously affect IPv4 market prices in future. The following options to update the current charging scheme and optimize expenses were proposed … Read more
  • Latest news for 04.10-10.10
    Last Monday started with a massive Facebook, What’s app and Instagram 6 hours outage. Meanwhile Pavel Durov greetings millions of new Telegram users. Google is working on a new intersting search feature. The Twitch has been attacked by Hackers– read more in our Sunday newsletter. On … Read more
  • Latest news for 27.09-3.10
    RIPE NCC announced his 83rd meeting – RIPE 83; Cloudflare entries into email security. Nigerian President plans to lift a ban on Twitter – read more in our newsletter. RIPE announced the next semi-annual meeting: RIPE-83. The upcoming meeting is virtual and takes place from 22 … Read more
  • Latest news for 20-26.09
    Pentagon has taken all 175 million IPv4 addresses back. Let’s Encrypt Root certificate expres soon. China’s central bank declared all the cryptocurrency related activities illegal. The proof of the fraud during the russian elections has been published on github – read more in our newsletter. The … Read more
  • Amazon bought 4 millions of IPv4 addresses
    The President of Amateur Radio Digital Communications (California, USA) confirmed the sale of 4 millions of IPv4 addresses for $108 000 000. The sales price was around 27 USD per IPv4. Reading the news like this we can’t stop to point out the continuing importance of … Read more

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