Last Monday started with a massive Facebook, What’s app and Instagram 6 hours outage. Meanwhile Pavel Durov greetings millions of new Telegram users. Google is working on a new intersting search feature. The Twitch has been attacked by Hackersread more in our Sunday newsletter.

  1. On Monday at 3:30 PM PDT, Facebook, during the routing connfiguration updates, faced to the one of the biggest outages of its services for the last 13 years. While Facebook sharesplunged by 6%, Pavel Durov welcomed 70 million new Telegram users, who registered during the Facebook outage. Downdetector called this outage the largest outgage they’ve ever seen

2. Google Search team spent 1 year to develop a search engine feature called Big Moments and now this service shall take an active role in determing what information to show, aiming to provide more historical content about major events.

3. The Amazon-owned platform Twitch has been attacked by an individul and as the result 128 GB of Data has been leaked – published Infosecurity Magazine. The Hacker published the stolen data on the online forum 4chan.

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