Pentagon has taken all 175 million IPv4 addresses back. Let’s Encrypt Root certificate expres soon. China’s central bank declared all the cryptocurrency related activities illegal. The proof of the fraud during the russian elections has been published on github – read more in our newsletter.

  1. The Russian elections held on 17-19 September finished, but the opposition doesn’t accept the electronic voting results. While the Public monitors were claiming there’s no evidence of online voting irregularities in Moscow, the russian activist Maxim Katz and his team published the so-called evidence of the fraud with the online voting on github .
  2. The Let’s encrypt’s Root Certficate expires on 30.09.21. The expiration will affect anything depending on the OpenSSL 1.02. A useful guide on what it is and what will happen after the certificate expiration written by Scott Helme can be found here.

3. The People’s Bank of China announced a strict ban on trading, order matching and other related with the cryptocurrency services. The changes also affect the Overseas cryptocurrency exchanges services in mainland China, reported the CNBC.

4. Pentagon retook his control on 175 millions of IPv4 addresses, the management of which it had previously delegated to a private company Global Resource Systems on April,2021. For around 5 months, the uknown private company registered in Delaware in September, 2020, has controlled almost 1/25th part of the whole IPv4 addresses pool.

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