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Yes, it’s possible. If the buyer would like to convert the legacy subnet to PA sometimes he can do it during the IPv4 transfer.

Starting from January, 2021, we publish our monthly average price here:

Check IPv4 calculation here

The list of countries supported by escrow can be found here:

CIDR is the Classless Inter-Domain Routing chart which is also known as a CIDR chart and is used to determine the number of IP addresses in each “slash notation”.

For IPv4 PA and PI subnets, you shall wait for 2 years after the last transfer or allocation.

The average IPv4 sales price through our IPv4 market was 40 EUR/IPv4 in November, 2021, including IPv4 market commission.

Yes, you can convert PI to PA if you have your own LIR and have transferred the PI subnet to your LIR account.

By default, we work in EUR. In case the seller prefers or allows USD dollars for payment, we specify this information in the product description. If you are a buyer but can’t pay in EUR, please let us know and we’ll find a subnet which you can pay in US dollars.

You can calculate the fee here:

Yes. it has. As example, there’re 454 LIRs in queue in RIPE IPv4 waiting list on 17/12/2021

You can sell IPv4 if you’re:

1. A LIR who has allocated, legacy or PI IPv4 addresses, and PI or PA IPv4 addresses have been allocated or transferred more than 2 years ago

2. An end user who holds PI IPv4 addresses which have been allocated or transferred more than 2 years ago

You can fill up the following form and we will take the responsibility for the whole process: search of the buyer, documents, escrow.

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